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Cherry DD67000 Everest - Very Limited
Stacked 4333A's and 4333B's
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JBL M2 Audition Room
JBL Synthesis Project Everest DD67000 Maple Finish - >In Stock<
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At Home Audio Sound, the passion for the music lives on. Having been hooked on JBL's since the early 1970's, we are a one of a kind, one stop, one shop business.

We have in stock the current line of JBL Speakers at all times for audition. Look at our Facebook to keep up with current items. We are also a Reference Mark Levinson dealer which basically means if it is made and in current production, we have it and ready for audition. We can arrange for auditions with Vintage JBL vs New JBL. We lean more towards pro sound with our set ups so that you can feel the music as well as hear it. Having Disco experience, it has never left me and our systems are worth hearing. If you want to hear JBL and Mark Levinson under one roof, then this is the place.

Come check out our Vintage JBL Museum. We give great trade ins of vintage JBL Speakers toward modern gear.

For an appointment, please contact us at or call us at 303-451-8250 or 720-232-5715.

If you would like more detailed product information, please visit the HARMANHPAV channel on YouTube at:

Used JBL S4800, S4700 and Array 1400, K2 9800 SE Limited Edition Wood Grain (B Stock) and Clearance on Everest DD66000’s (New In Box) All Items In Stock!

Equipment for Sale

  • JBL Synthesis SDEC – 3000 Equalizer

    OVERVIEW SDEC-3000 Equalizers OVERVIEW The JBL Synthesis® SDEC-3000 Digital Equalizer’s Main Features Include: Digital Audio Signal Processor 8-Channel Input, 8-Channel Output 112-Band Parametric EQ Speaker Distance-Time-Correction Screen-Compensation Ethernet Controlled Fully balanced SDEC EQ is now possible with the S3000XLRIC from input to output when using the SDP40HD and the S820 or S7165 amplifiers with balanced connections on XLR and Phoenix Continue Reading

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  • Mark Levinson 533H Amplifier

    Amplifiers OVERVIEW The No 533H shares the same basic amplifier module as the No 531H and No532H but is a semi-monoblock design. With power supplies that can be shared across multiple channels, this design lends itself well to multi-channel environments where one channel might need more power at times than others. All other features of the No 533H are identical Continue Reading

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  • Altec Model 19 – $1200
    Read more
  • McIntosh 2500 – $3200

    In great condition. This was second version of 2500 with diagram on top cover.

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  • JBL L46 Speakers – $250
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